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Saddle up, pardners, it's time for the...

(semi) recent PSYCHONAUTS press ROUND UP!

Computer Gaming WorldDecember 2004Coverage of our PC version in which I'm quoted saying the word "thing" about nineteen hundred zillion times. And, ladies-- it was written by Evan Shamoon!
Computer Games MagazineFebruary 2005We're in the "The most anticipated games of 2005!" Which is awesome. My goal is to have Psychonauts NOT win this award next year. Haha. Get it? Get it Majesco?I love you, Majesco.
Electronic Gaming MonthlyJanuary 2005We are one of "The New Contenders!" It's so nice to be new again!
Game InformerDecember 2004What? 2004? What's that? I don't remember any such time. Well, there is a rare screenshot in this magazine so get your time machine ready for travel and your eyeballs ready for pleasure.
GameProFebruary 2005"Clever is the first word that comes to mind. Maybe brilliant says it better." Might I also suggest, "sexy" and "delicious?"
Official Xbox MagazineJanuary 2005We are in here, like, three times. Once in an article about how rad Psychonauts is, once in an article about how rad Double Fine is, and once in a short blurb about how rad Tom is because he picked us as a "Power Pick for 2005." If these guys wanted to change the name of the magazine to "Official Psychonauts Magazine" I totally wouldn't sue them. P.S. The word "Rad" is totally coming back. Get ready.
Play MagazineDecember 2004Full-page preview. I forgive them for the name spelling thing because the article is big and pretty.
Tips and TricksDecember 2004Something about being in Tips and Tricks makes me feel super-legit. I think I'd feel more legit if they'd start sending me free copies, though.

The following publications exist only in the form of ELECTRICITY, which can be dangerous. But the upside is you can just click on the name there and read the article. Just be careful, Chaka.

GameSpotI talked WAY too much in this article about comedy in games. Hey, bro, you know what's really funny? SILENCE. Well, not really. Unless it's also... DEADLY.
1upDouble Fine programmer Anna Kipnis is quoted in this article about women in games, as is our own Majesco Marketeer, Liz Buckley. Psychonauts, strangely, is not mentioned, even though I am told chicks dig it.

I promise. Tomorrow: no real news.

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