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Tim Schafer Tim

This is not the announcement. This is just me posting some info on the PC demo of Psychonauts. If this were the actual announcement, your pants would have been crapped by now.

Anyway, in case you haven’t heard, private citizens may now download a PC demo of the most significant literary work of Mankind’s Postlinear Age, PSYCHO-EFFING-NAUTS!!!!!

Download the demo and play it right now!!! It is a large demo (456 MB) but every MB is an MB full of pleasure and value! It is an awesome demo, and you will like it I hope. And it will help you kill time while you wait for The Announcement.

So will these brain-teasing clues about The Announcement:

1) It is rad.
2) It is going to be something you can start messing with THIS COMING TUESDAY.
3) It will cost you money.
4) You will not mind.

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