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Tim Schafer Tim

I would also like to not announce that we have new jobs posted on the Double Fine Jobs Page!!! Why not stop by and pick up a job for yourself? After you play the Existential Sonnet Psychonauts, trust me, you are going to want MORE. Much more. You don’t want to wait a long time for Double Fine’s next game. You want to MAKE Double Fine’s next game. So what are you waiting for? Come on! The more the merrier!

Please decide amongst yourselves who is the best and smartest and nicest of you all, and then let that person come here and make awesome games!!!

Please. Do it for me. See, I have told everybody here every joke I know, and every adorable story from my adorable childhood. They are sick of it. Sick and mad. And I don’t want to have to learn any NEW jokes, so please, won’t you come work here so I can tell you all these same, tired stories? I have them all memorized and I can say them all really fast. It would take no time at all before you were as bored as the rest of the employees here. Bored and happy.

Now, here is another clue about the exciting ANNOUNCEMENT that I will be making soon:

Foist celery upon abdomen!

Okay, since Tuesday is coming quick, I’ll give you another clue:

I’m reading The Da Vinci Code!

One more!

Are you a total BABY or what? Stop asking for clues and figure it out, Little Baby Foo Foo!

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