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Valuable relics of GAME DESIGN HISTORY released to public in one time only SELL-STUFF-A-THON.

Tim Schafer Tim

Exciting Psychonauts news: We are having a garage sale!!!

The place we are moving to is furnished, so we are selling off our chairs and desks and lamps and stuff. There’s enough here that you could probably come early and buy most of the necessary pieces to start your own game company! Especially if you know a lot about cloning, because there are many chunks of skin and hair slammed into the file cabinets and burned onto the lamps we are selling. Should be able to get some good programmer DNA off of that stuff at least.

This Sunday, June 29
215 Clara Street
10:00 am until 2:00pm

These desks are full of history, and so many of our employees tears. Won’t you give them a home?

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