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Tim Schafer Tim

Yeah, yeah. Sanic. Whatever. Anyway, did you know you can buy the PS2 and PC versions of Psychonauts on Amazon for under ten bucks! Check it out!

$9.97 PC!$9.99 PS2!

At that price your dog can have his own copy. (Some dogs have trouble in Meat Circus, but only the really slow dogs.)

This crazy pricing (oh, and the Excellence, too) has put Psychonauts on Amazon's list of Top Sellers in video games! At the time of this writing, dear reader, we are at #4 on that list. Make sure your penny-pinching dog buys a few copies for his friends and we'll put Psychonauts at #1! Yeah! Poor, poor World of Warcraft. They must be sobbing into their woven-out-of-shredded-hundred-dollar-bill hankie's now.

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