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Be part of the first-ever public Amnesia Fortnight!

Double Fine Productions is proud and not freaked out at all to announce that this year the Amnesia Fortnight Project, its annual prototyping process, will be open to the public, and that there’s no reason to be absolutely, unbearably afraid of this.

This normally-secretive process is named “Amnesia” because the entire team at Double Fine forgets what they’re working on, and “Fortnight” because it lasts for two weeks. During this time the company is divided into smaller teams, and each team must make a game in those two weeks. This has been a very successful formula in the past, so changing it only makes sense. 

For the first three Amnesia Fortnight Projects, the leaders of each team were hand-selected by Double Fine President and CEO, Tim Schafer. This year, the hopeful Project Leaders will be pitching their ideas directly to the public, who will then be able to vote for which games are selected for the prototype phase. Replacing Tim’s judgement and restraint with that of the internet is totally fine and really the same thing after all when you think about it!

After the winning projects are selected there will be two weeks of development. 2 Player Productions will be filming each team just as they have been with the acclaimed Double Fine Adventure documentary. This does not terrify anybody at Double Fine.

“It’s like walking through your high school naked,” said Double Fine’s Director of Product Development Isa Stamos, “It’s mostly just embarrassing the first time. And also, it’s the stuff of dreams!”

When the two weeks are up, the prototypes will be available for download from the Humble Bundle website. These unfinished, rough sketches of games will be handed over to the internet to be thoughtfully judged and respectfully seen in the appropriate context. HA HA HA! That’s my happy laugh and not manic!

When you purchase the bundle you will immediately receive two historical prototypes from past AF projects. Thanks to the generous cooperation of our partners at Autodesk, Firelight, Valve, and RAD Tools. From AF #2, the two week prototype of Costume Quest, and from AF #1, Happy Song—an early prototype that was inspiration for Once Upon a Monster.These are very simple, unfinished mockups of the award-winning games they would someday become, and people’s judgement of them will surely be informed by that…oh god where is my paper bag for breathing?

No matter what happens, it’s okay, because you can chose what you pay, and how much goes to charity.

Everyone from Double Fine was invited to pitch a game. Twenty three of our bravest souls came forward, and you can see all of their pitches and vote for your favorites here:

Oh god, it’s starting.

11/19/2012 - 01:50 PM
11/19/12 - 11:50 PM

"AHHH! OMG! You mean my vote will actually count for something for once? Bring it on!"
11/20/12 - 06:37 AM

"This is incredible!!! So many great ideas. I have to wonder though if Greg is being serious with his pitch or just trolling. I smell a wolf quest knock off."
12/06/12 - 04:50 AM

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