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Double Fine Shop Clearance! Cheap Stuff! Get It!

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Laura Laura

EDIT: The clearance sale is over! The items went much faster than expected—sorry if you missed out! The links below have been removed. The super news is, our new store is here! Check it out! It’s prettier!

Hi Everyone! Laura from the Double Fine Shop here in the Action News!

We’ve got some fun changes coming to our online store that I can’t talk about just yet, but it’s going to be super. Super awesome, super smart, and of course super fine. Actually, I just love the word super. In fact, I’m going to say it again! Our new online store is going to be SUPER!!

But before that happens, I’ve got another announcement. We now have a CLOTHING CLEARANCE section in our shop! That’s right: You can get awesome DF merchandise for super cheap. It’s all more than 70% off! SUPER CHEAP! But hear me now: The sizes listed for clothing in the clearance section are the only sizes still left. We are not planning to reorder any of the clearance products so what we have left is all there is. GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN. (EDIT: YOU CAN’T ANYMORE. We sold out.)

So go ahead, check out the awesome items we have now on clearance and prepare yourself for a SUPER end to 2012. :-D


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