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Tim Schafer Tim

(Lay thine mouse upon yon evil orb to reveal its true nature. Hint: I hope you like EVIL.)

And what better way to celebrate with an offical ORGY OF PUMPKIN MUTILATION?

If you are super hard and metal like me, you won’t even read the rules, you will just violate your defenseless squash and post the results on this Dark Manuscript of Horrible Crimes that are Bad and Tough, or Else Otherwise Double Fine Related.

Word of warning: Beware the Double Fine Action Shark.

UPDATE: Everybody who enters, gets a DVD of selected cutscenes from The Excellent Game Psychonauts.

Everybody who enters with a real entry, that is. You must actually carve a DF-related pumpkin to qualify. Not just write the word “pumpkin” and put it on a post-it note and slap that post-it note on your cat. All though that would be awesome, you will not get a DVD for that. Even if your cat is wearing goggles. Oh geeze. Why did I say that? Now all we are going to get is a bunch of post-it pumpkin goggle cats. Please, carve a pumpkin and leave your cat alone. And then you can watch selected scenes from Psychonauts in DVD form, while your XBOX is in Texas getting fixed.

This contest is still devouring entries until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! (Tonight being Tuesday, the 30th.) We will pick winners on Halloween morning (or “All Hallows Morn” as it is traditionally referred to) and make an announcement later that day. Which means look for a leak in the foreign press around noon. Haha. Leak joke.

Entries so far have been amazing. They have blown the seeds right out of my pumpkin-goop brain. Check them out!

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