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The Time has Come for You to Buy 34 Copies of Game Informer

Tim Schafer Tim

Game Informer is a fine, fine magazine printed on thick, creamy paper, oozing with information. On any month it is a great editorial value. But November’s issue is especially valuable, because it has Brütal Legend on the cover. But that’s not all. There’s also an article inside about Brütal Legend. Pages and pages of shocking revalations about our game. You will fall in love again… with reading. Or at least, with looking, because there are many beautiful screenshots and pieces of concept art. This issue should be in stores now, so please go buy every copy they have, and hand them out to all of your friends. Or go down to GameStop or EBgames and become one of their elite members and get a free subscription to this fine magazine. And pre-order Brütal Legend while you’re at it.

And then see if you can find any pre-owned copies of Psychonauts and move them up to the eye-level shelf, like I do when I go to game stores.

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