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Tim Schafer Tim

Hey, what did you do over the break? I played Psychonauts on my XBOX 360. All the way through! It works! Check it out! Now I just have to find one more figment in Boyd's mind, and one more in Black Velvetopia. Man, why did those backwards compatibility guys make those figments so hard to find?

Also, why did those backwards compatibility guys make my neck hurt so bad today? I can't turn it at all. When I want to look left or right I have to turn my whole body and look around with my shoulders, like when you're wearing a headless horseman costume.

Know what I mean?Please email the Microsoft backwards compatibility team and ask them to make my neck hurt less.

Okay, don't do that. I'm sorry. I just miss them now that they're done with Psychonauts. Although, they're not really 100% done. If they have a moment, they could make it so that Raz doesn't turn blue after you use the journal. They should really fix that after they fix my neck. And get rid of the ants in my kitchen.

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