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Tim Schafer Tim

You know, I had kind of a sweet deal going on here. Well, maybe not sweet, but comfortable. I could pour my heart and soul out to this personal, private news page knowing that--like my diary--it would be read by only me.

But for some weird reason last week, we had approximately five hundred million times the normal readership on the Action News. I have no idea what caused the sudden thirst for knowledge, but it's freaking me out. I'm just going to be quiet until all those new readers go away. Or until they all go buy a hoodie and three Yo-Yos at the company store.

On the positive side, we did get a ton of nice letters from people saying they had mailed Microsoft, faked imminent death and begged their engineers to make Psychonauts run on the XBOX 360. And by the looks of it, the "Emulation Ninjas" have been doing a good job of writing back to them, and saying encouraging things about Psychonauts. So let's just keep our fingers crossed. (But only if you can type with your fingers that way, because we still need more letters, proclaiming your love for the emulation ninjas, and declaring your sworn promise to buy at least ten XBOX 360s on the day Psychonauts will run pleasantly upon it.)

In other news, I had fried plantains for lunch. Delicious.

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