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Merry Christmas! Buy Psychonauts some more!

Tim Schafer Tim

I know Christmas is all about giving, but GameTap is taking this whole thing very seriously. It seems that they are giving away Psychonauts! Or at least lending it out. Until January 31, 2008, you can play Psychonauts on GameTap for FREE. How does Double Fine make money this way? You tell me. I have no idea! I mean, I’m sure we are, or they couldn’t do it, right? Right? Maybe they are planning on sending us some chocolates or something. Well, just to be safe, while you’re playing Psychonauts for free, visit our store and buy five Brütal Legend t-shirts.

“But I have lots of money!” you scream, “But I’m under house arrest so I can’t spend it. And I have an Xbox 360!”

Settle down, kid from Disturbia. You too, can play Psychonauts. On December 4, you will be able to download the game, the entire game, from Xbox Live. Welcome to the future.

Uh-oh, looks like Microsoft just saved Christmas!

They are like Rudolf, and Psychonauts is their glowing, red nose. A nose that you can download to your hard drive. (Warning: do not actually try to download your nose to your hard drive.)

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