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Double Fine Adventure Slacker Backer Price Increase—Soon!

Chris Remo Chris Remo

Earlier this year, we did that whole Kickstarter thing. And for months now, we’ve let people who missed the campaign get in on the action as “Slacker Backers.”

We’ve been charging $15 for a subscription to new documentary episodes as they’re released, ongoing development updates from the team, private backer forum discussions, and eventual access to the beta on PC and released game on PC, Mac, or Linux. The money contributed by those backers goes right into making the game.

It’s gone really well! We have racked up a whole ton of content so far, all of which is available to Kickstarter backers and Slacker Backers. There are more than a dozen videos from 2 Player Productions, and nearly two dozen in-depth dev writeups. We think there’s a lot of valuable material there, and we think it proves out the concept of ongoing backer access.

When the game comes out, it’s likely to cost at least $15 on PC/Mac/Linux, and then the documentary will be sold by 2PP on top of that. So backers are getting a sweet deal even before all the extra stuff comes into play!

So now, the news: We will be increasing the backer access price to $30 in a week, on November 16. We think that better reflects not only what backers will receive with the beta and the game, but also the many hours of material available right this second.

BUT! If you’re already a backer, DON’T WORRY. You are TOTALLY SET. We’re not asking you to up your pledge. Thank you for helping this project exist! You are great.

AND! If you’re not a backer, you still have a week to get in at $15! Check out this ridiculous list of content you could be enjoying. (It’s all super good.)

If you’re interested, head on over to the signup page. If you’re not interested, what’s the deal with that?

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