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Double Fine Action Cast #6: The Cave


Welcome back to the Double Fine Action Cast. This podcast episode is devoted to The Cave, our most recently announced game and arguably our most sultry. It features creator Ron Gilbert, whom you may also know as the creator of Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, and a very grumpy blog. Backing him up are The Cave team members JP LeBreton and Chris Remo. In these 37 minutes, mysteries are revealed, fan questions are answered, and an awkward theme song is sung. All this and more awaits you in the latest Double Fine Action Cast.

We promise to make these things more frequently!

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06/19/2012 - 11:59 AM
06/19/12 - 03:11 PM

"Zombo was registered as long ago as 2003 and no one has linked me to it until today? I am disappointed in each and every one of my friends for keeping this a secret from me. Oh, I should probably listen to the podcast. Sorry. So many possibilities at zombo, I lost track of the time."
06/19/12 - 06:19 PM
DF Chris Remo:

"Zombo was actually registered in 1999, and has had the same content for its whole existence. It's an all-time internet classic."
06/20/12 - 01:44 PM
Tim Schafer:

"Did you watch Zombo until the end?"
06/20/12 - 01:58 PM

"Oh, hey, there's a newsletter. Very convenient if one wants to keep up with everything that's going on on Zombo."
06/20/12 - 02:05 PM

"Say what you will about zombo but they know how to make to make you feel welcomed."
06/20/12 - 02:25 PM

"I came here for Action Cast and I ended up reading all the news. Good job Chris, you're really good at writing news Double Fine style."
06/20/12 - 08:30 PM

"Man, I've been trying to load Zombo for 36 hours straight and it still hasn't finished. I can't wait to see this ending everyone's hyping about! Also good to see that the Action Casts are back, and that The Cave will be old school multiplayer. Though I'd be down for internet multiplayer."
06/23/12 - 06:31 AM

"@Tim I did watch it all the way to the end! His voice invokes a mental image of Boris the Babysitter, which makes the experience even better."
07/08/12 - 10:23 AM
Nolan Crispus:

"huh huh lol, podcasts are awesome :D"
03/06/14 - 12:19 AM

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