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The Weekly Double Fine Action Sale of the Week: SIGNED SCOTT C. BOOK.

Chris Remo Chris Remo

An image from the Double Fine archive.

Double Fine Action Comics can be enjoyed just fine on the internet. That is, after all, their home.

But for the most lavish and luxuriant DFAC experience, you’ll be wanting them in printed form. Artist Scott C. believes this so fervently that he has signed his name to the rest of our inventory of Double Fine Action Comics by Scott C. Volume 1, which is now on sale for 25% off the standard signed price. (We have very few of these left!)

While he was signing these rare tomes, we definitely remembered to take a photo. We didn’t forget to take a photo, which would have required us to forge unconvincing documentation of said signing. What follows is clearly a picture of Scott C. himself signing his book. It is absolutely not anything other than what I just described. Scott C. is a handsome, rugged, manly man.


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