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Tim Schafer Tim

Gosh, I hope I'm fluffy enough to be loved!

As of today, July the 26th, 2005, Double Fine Productions, Inc. has been in business FIVE YEARS!

Can you believe it? We are still so young and yet, we have seen so much. If it were possible for a kindergartener to be a Vietnam vet, that is what Double Fine is like. Give us some dried macaroni and we can turn it into a work of cute art, or into a deadly, booby-trapped pit of spikes.

In honor of this special anniversary, we would like to announce a special amazing thing. No, wait. TWO special amazing things. First off, we have special edition commemorative comics today from all three action artists! The Franklin Mint expects these limited edition comics to rise in value over 300% per minute, so check them out now while you can afford it.

And the second thing… is this:

The Two Headed Baby is now…


Do I mean the company? NO.
Do I mean, the trademark on our logo? NO.
Do I mean a knit version of the 2hb doll that you can have an hold and squeeze, all for your very own? YES.

You can’t have mine. Mine is the first. But you might get the second or the third one ever made, if you go to the baby page at the company store right now and buy one!

These are not being mass-produced. The artist is going to make each doll by hand, for you, right after you order it. So this is your chance to get a one-of-a-kind work of art, no foolin.

And you should really buy one ASAP because, frankly, who knows how long her fingers will hold out? If she blows a knuckle and gets a yarn infection and has to have her hands bandaged or cut off or fused permanently into little hand-shake poses like a Barbie doll, well then where would you be? Forced to buy the dolls she makes with her feet, that’s where. And although Ms. Hutchison is a relatively clean person you know the footie dolls are just not going to smell as good.

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