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Mummy at the MoCCA

Tim Schafer Tim

That’s right, the star of “Mummy at the Window” will be making a PERSONAL APPEARANCE at the MoCCA this weekend.
But that is not all!
Hit that “read the rest” to find out who else will be there. And what MoCCA is for crying out loud.

Did you hit it? Good.

So MoCCA stands for “Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art” and they are having a big to-do in NYC this weekend, and the Mummy will be there, as will Scott C. and Nathan Stapley! In the flesh! And felt!

As Scott describes it, “we’ll have pizza bros shirts and dfac books. and so forth. And a DF blanket as a table cloth. We are going to look awesome.”
Scott never capitalizes because it would overly-stress his fingers, which he needs for creating awesome art.
You can read even more and see more art over at Scott’s blog.
All of you East Coasters who were bummed because they missed WonderCon, now you have an awesome exclusive appearance all to yourselves! So there will be no more complaining, you hear?

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