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Get More from your Action Artists!

Tim Schafer Tim

I know you love the Double Fine Action Comics so much you just want to squeeze them to make more juice come out. But don’t bother, because they have already been squozen, and the juice is located in the following places:
MARK HAMER is having an art show in San Francisco!

Opening reception: Monday Jan. 5th 7-10pm at Dalva
3121 16th St. @ Valencia


There are new wallpapers from TASHA on the Free Stuff page.

And Scott C. was caught talking to a reporter from Kwanzoo. I read that whole thing, and I still don’t know what a Kwanzoo is.

I don’t really have any pictures that represent that interview and the magic that happened that day, so I’ll just put up this old picture of people touching Scott’s beard.

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