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Tim Schafer Tim

Normally, I am to lazy to put up fan art, no matter how good it is. In fact, if it’s any good at all that just makes it worse. I feel threatened by the fan’s skill, and am forced to do whatever I can to suppress it. This is how we professionals maintain the thin, orange line that separates us from the rogue creatives.

But the art below is just too good not to share. Also, it’s Friday and screw it. Like I’m going to write something on a Friday! I lean on the newsreaders for content. They are like a crutch for me, in many ways: They offer support, they smell like my armpit, and I can’t wait until I don’t need them anymore.

Haha! Of course I am just cruel-teasing you, friends. This is how I was raised. This is how my people show love. It might seem like a cold way to communicate, but so is Morse Code. And do you think that no one ever used Morse Code to send a love letter? Well, actually, maybe that never happened, unless I guess one telegraph operator fell in love with another telegraph operator. Nonetheless: - .... . / .-..—- ...- . / .. ... / - .... . .-. . .-.-.- / ... ..- -.-. -.- . .-. .-.-.- !!!

And now, some tear-jerking ASCII art from Jan Jacob Mekes:

An image from the Double Fine archive.

So good.

And here, this guy Drew Morgan made his own episode of the Double Fine Action Comics!

Scott was sincerely touched by your efforts, Drew. It made him quite emotional, and at the same time, quite unnecessary. Why do I pay him when you’re sending me this stuff for free? Am I right Drew? So he’s fired, you’re hired. Show up at 6am tomorrow. Plan on sleeping here the first night because you’ll have a backlog of comics to catch up on. Don’t touch the free coffee—that’s for regular employees. If you find any change in the couch, it’s mine. Oh, and from now on, your nickname is “Dookie la Pud.” Man! I love hiring people!!


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