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What's that? You say you're short on time? You say you're so busy that you don't know how to express your anger over the cancellation of Sam and Max 2 while still saving enough time in your day to show your love for the Double Fine Action Comics, and on top of all that support poor old Grim Fandango as it takes on Chrono Trigger and KotOR (gasp) on in the GameSpy title fight? Well what if I told you that there was a way to do ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME OH MY GOD THAT'S INCREDIBLE IS WHAT YOU'D SAY I'LL BET. Here's how:

Buy yourself a copy of Hickee! Hickee was started by none other than Graham Annable, Lead Animator on Sam and Max 2. Buying a copy of Hickee is a great way of saying, "We still love you Graham. Here's, $4.95 that George Lucas is not gonna get!"But wait! There's more!

How can one comic do so much?

Hickee is an anthology of great artists, including THREE guys from Double Fine Productions: Nathan Stapley, Razmig Mavlian, and the creator of the DFAC himself, Scott Campbell. And if you have, like me, grown to love that adorable Knight as he learns how to find room in his heart for a baby with two heads (and maybe learn a little bit about himself in the process) then you will love this issue because there is a metric ass ton of big-time Knight action inside. Not to mention giants, wizards and goblins. Hecka goblins.Hold on! Here's the part where the Ginsu cuts the can: Hickee also features the work of Dave Bogan and Vamberto Maduro who were both awesome animators on Grim Fandango. (Which is going up against another LucasArts game, ironically enough, on March 15th which I might have mentioned already but I'll pretend not to remember so I can say it again.)

(this paragraph was here the whole time)

Now here is where you get the free potato peeler AND the thing that cuts cucumbers into spirals: Also contained within the pages of Hickee is the work of the adorable Derek Sakai, Lead F-ing Artist on Sam and Max 2 and the enigmatic Joe White who is reputed to be an animator on the same project. Joe White has a mustache.Amazing, you say? Well, I have to admit you are right. Hickee is like a big sledge hammer with three heads on it, and furthermore its the answer to all your problems. Pick it up today, and bring it down upon your enemies, and rejoice to see them smote. (Smoted? Besmotten?) Fight the power! Buy comics! Stick it to the man! Eat less cheese! (It's bad for your heart!)

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