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Tim Schafer Tim

Go to Gamespy’s title fight and vote for Grim Fandango! Today!!!

Vote for Grim for what you say? I’m not sure, but I think if Grim wins, then it gets to run for president against Bush. I will admit that I’ve looked all over that site and for the life of me I can’t figure out HOW you vote for Grim, but you are all so much smarter than me I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Now, the campaign:

The Gabriel Knight lady is really nice, I have heard. But tell me, has she ever given you any… FREE COMICS? Hmmm? Double Fine has given you THREE FREE COMICS so far. How many have you gotten from the makers of Gabriel Knight? Probably less than that. Or fewer than that. Whichever is correct. Okay, maybe some comics came free with the game, but I’m asking you what has the Gabriel Knight lady done for you LATELY? I’ll bet she’s not even thinking of you right now, where as I’m sitting down to write you this nice letter. Hello, you! How are your feelings? That’s great, because I care about them and you both.

Okay, okay, the comics aren’t free if I give you this guilt trip along with them so I apologize for that. I’m just excited about poor old Grim winning this contest, and excitement always makes me somewhat manipulative. And it’s just that Grim is so, so old now. It came out in ‘98, which makes it 73, in game years. Poor old Grim.

Oh, man. Now I’m using pity. First I try a guilt trip, and then a pity party. What am I, your mother? Man. Enough out of me already. I’ll just be quiet now so you can vote. Vote what’s in your heart. Either for the good game, or for the game that never gave you any free comics. Your choice. I’ll just sit here trying to heal from the wounds I got giving birth to you.

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