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Tim Schafer Tim

There were some allegations of omissions in the previous post regarding the staff of Sam and Max 2. Instead of needlessly rehashing old “mistakes” (not that I admit to making any) and creating a tedious list of what those omissions may or may not have been, I’m just going to go back and edit the previous post to make it look like I was right the whole time, which I was, and future generations will never know. Who are they going to believe, me or you? Do you have an orange web page of your own? No. Some of you may think editing previous posts is wrong, but if loving America is wrong then I don’t want to be right!

Speaking of people who love America, it’s time to open a letter from the Double Fine Mail Bag! The low-morale, high-turnover staff of interns that we have manning our spam-clogged info line forwarded a special email to me today from a young lad named “Jeremy.” The poor kid had been told by none other than Xbox Nation that some portion of the forces behind the infamous Old Man Murray website had taken up residence at Double Fine Productions. As an employee no less!

Ho ho. I’m here to tell you Jeremy, that this is categorically untrue. You don’t have to worry about that sort of element spoiling the tranquility and loving atmosphere of our company. No, it is not true, and in summary I will say this: No.

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