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Behold the Most Frightening Action Comic of ALL TIME!!!

Tim Schafer Tim

Ahhhhh! Zombies!

Click on the above link only if you want to be scared out of your living mind!!!

I’m happy to announce that we have a new addition to the Double Fine Action Comics today! Dirt Nap is the name of the new spine-chilling gore fest made by our very own Senior Producer, Gabe Cinquepalmi.

“What?” You ask. “A producer?!? Producers can’t draw. Only artists can draw, while producers yell at them to draw faster.”

Well, it turns out Gabe was an artist before he was a producer. So he can not only draw, but can actually yell at himself to draw faster. So far it’s working great! So not only can you expect funny comics from Gabe, you can expect them on time.

If you were to scared to clink on the link above, that’s my bad. I probably should set your expectations now. It’s not scary. It’s just funny. In fact, these might be the most likable zombies of all time.
Here, try this smaller, less frightening link: Dirt Nap.

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