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Thanks for the Pre-orders!

Tim Schafer Tim

Thanks to all of you out there who pre-ordered Brütal Legend!!
And for those of you who haven’t yet, Rocktober 13 is just around the corner (this Tuesday!) but there is still time. I wouldn’t want you to miss your chance to get an special Tenacious D. in-game guitar…

...which you get by pre-ordering at GameStop) or the awesome LP-like packaging to hold your Brütal Legend DVD… pre-ordering at Best Buy or GameCrazy). That LP packaging is cool because it’s an almost exact replica of the album you see Jack holding in the front-end menu of the game. (Yeah, those aren’t my hands. Those are movie star hands.) But for Best Buy I think you actually have to go into the store to get the record, but that’s okay because they have candy at Best Buy. Go get a cool album sleeve and some candy!

I just want you to have all these nice things and that’s why I want you to pre-order so much!!!!

That is the only reason!!!

Well, okay, it also helps game sales. You probably already figured this out, but here is what happens: If a game gets a lot of pre-orders, everybody gets excited. “Omg, we have a hit on our hands,” they say. And so the sales forecasts go up. When the sales forecasts go up, the marketing budget goes up. That gives you more TV commercials, online and print ads, etc. That leads to more pre-orders, and the cycle continues up and up until you have a runaway monster hit on your hands. And then everyone’s a winner!

Well, except for this kid:

Ah ha ha. I love that kid. But I think he’s been watching a little too much Tyra Banks. Seriously, that much sarcasm can cause permanent facial injury.

And the only cure for that is PRE-ORDERING BRÜTAL LEGEND IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!!!

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