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Tonight: X-PLAY. Friday: Fallon. And then: THE WORLD!!!

Tim Schafer Tim

Set those Tivos, if you think your Tivo can handle this much metal:
Tonight, G4TV will be airing a Very Special Episode of X-Play, all about Brütal Legend!

To WHET* your appetite for the show, I give you this:

*Capitalized so you’ll notice that I know how to spell, “Whet.”

And then tomorrow, I am going to be on the Jimmy Fallon show! Believe it or not!
I didn’t believe it either, but check out their schedule!
I hope I don’t get bumped by the Universal Record Database.

To get you completely WHETTED, I leave you with that interview I did at E3 with Jason Sudeikis for Mr. Fallon’s website:

(Here’s something I learned that day: His name does not rhyme with “Ludacris.”)

I just noticed that it took me so long to write this post that you have already missed the X-Play special. Oh well. Hey, they’ll run it again!

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