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Mark Haigh-Hutchinson

image I was sorry to hear today that Mark Haigh-Hutchinson passed away. Mark worked at LucasArts back in the old days, and was very sharp programmer, not to mention a super nice guy.

For some reason, this is the first memory of Mark that pops into my head: We’re both in the Lucas mini-kitchen, getting coffee, and I’m complaining about how I threw my back out somehow. And before I know it, Mark is on his back on the carpeted hallway, showing me how to stretch your lumbar muscles by hugging your knees to your chest, and rolling around on a hard floor. Previously I had thought Mark Double-H to be a shy, reserved person, but here he was rolling around like an egg, trying to help me fix my back. The move itself can be a little embarrassing to do, but I’ll admit I still use it whenever my back hurts.

So for that tip, and for Metroid, and for introducing me to Miyamoto that time at E3 when I was too scared to walk up to him, I say, thanks to you, Mark!

01/17/2008 - 06:28 PM
01/17/08 - 08:12 PM
Apple Pop:

"Man, I'm sorry to hear that... You'll remember him as an awesome guy and it's good that you have those great memories of him."
01/17/08 - 11:13 PM
Mr Snuffle:

"Tis a sad day indeed. Everyone involved has my condolences."
01/18/08 - 03:33 AM

"RIP. :("
01/18/08 - 11:42 AM

"He is in the land of the dead now, awaiting his 4 year journey. RIP, God bless."
01/18/08 - 07:00 PM

"Resting In Peace, and he can play videogames nonstop for the rest of eternity."
01/19/08 - 07:56 AM

"It is sad to hear of such a loss, especially one who is was involved in the golden age of adventure gaming aswell as some great gaming projects. Nevertheless, that seems like a great memory to be imprinted with and be able to remember him by; thanks for sharing. R.I.P"
01/19/08 - 10:49 AM

"I don't know Mark specifically, but if he was an old school Lucasarts programmer he must've been a great guy. Farewell dude."
02/04/08 - 04:08 PM

"yeah, telltale also gave the word that mark had died, guess cause a lot of people at telltale say that at a point the worked at lucas, its sad when this kind of stuff happens. with deepest condolence, rest in peace mark."
09/06/15 - 09:33 PM
James 33:

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