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Next stop, Comic-Con!

Well, actually, the next stop is to go home to pack.
But then it’s on to Comic-Con! I want to get there early to get emotionally prepared for this:

Effing GWAR, man.

And 3 Inches of Blood! I love 3 Inches of Blood. Here, why don’t you enjoy this song while you read the rest of this excellent news?

“But that’s at night!” you say, “No one will be able to see my costume!”

Have no fear. During the day, there will be playbable Brütal Legend on the main floor of Comic-Con! We’re on four kiosks in the EA booth.

Also at the EA booth will be ME, signing stuff. Or me, sitting my myself at an empty table, crying, because you didn’t show up on Thursday, July 23rd from 5pm-6pm. Please come. I’m so scared I’ll be sitting there all alone like some poor guy who was an extra on Bablylon 5. No offense Babylon 5! And if you are wearing any sort of Double Fine-related costume then you really have to come by so I can take your picture for the Action News!

Scott C. will also be there! He’ll be kicking it at the Flight Comics / Gallery Nucleus booth which is numbered 2329. He’ll be there Thursday through Sunday. He will be well equipped with all this stuff! The new Double Fine Action Comics Book! And the new Double Fine Action Comics T-shirts! And some Double Fine Action Comics buttons! And, omg, Double Fine Action Comics Stickers! Plus some of his own, very personal, very intimate, very new prints. It is going to be AMAZING.
Here is what it might look like, except where it says Scott C. is not included, because he IS included, just at this event. And also, imagine yourself sitting on that bench with him. In a Klingon costume. It could all happen.

07/21/2009 - 08:19 PM
07/21/09 - 10:23 PM

"This makes me wish I still lived in the bay area... Come up to PA sometime! bring GWAR and 3 Inches Of Blood, too, if you can. Maybe some snacks, but I won't push it."
07/21/09 - 10:25 PM
Trogdor The Burninator:

"TIM! I wanna' go, but alas, I'm just a minor! Besides, I might collapse at the very sight of your presence in person (not to sound creepy or anything, I'm not a freaky stalker.)"
07/21/09 - 10:42 PM

"I will take the elevator from Australia so we may compare our handshakes. Who is firmer? Who can be less clammy? Who can control the rhythm and direction of shake? These are important questions that WE WILL ANSWER!"
07/21/09 - 11:12 PM

"If I was in the area I would definitely come as a fanboy G-Man wielding a copy of Catcher in the Rye. Of course I wouldn't do anything based off the actions of that one guy such a costume would be partially based off of, that would be uncool. I'd probably react in the same manner as Wayne Campbell when he met Alice Cooper in that one movie that happened in the 80s."
07/22/09 - 12:11 AM
Trogdor The Burninator:

07/22/09 - 12:14 AM

"Would a Manny Calavera costume be considered Double Fine related?"
07/22/09 - 01:24 AM
Techno Shinobi:

"Will you be there all comic-con weekend? I would love to ask you for a job!"
07/22/09 - 10:14 AM

"Maaannn, damn being on the east coast! You guys should come to a con in NY someday. And is that shirt going to be available separately? O:"
07/22/09 - 03:41 PM

"Damn, one of my minions is at Comic-Con, I'll have to tell him to stop by! Never heard of 3 Inches of Blood, but wow, I'm impressed, going to get their album right away. I'll be seeing you at next months event in SF though :)"
07/22/09 - 04:06 PM
Code Echo:

"I am so jealous of anyone going now :( Like... even more than before. Lucky jerks."
07/22/09 - 05:56 PM

"I want it all! i'm just too far away x)"
07/22/09 - 08:41 PM

"Dang! I would totally buy scott C!"
07/31/09 - 09:41 AM

"man, I'm seeing brutal legend every where i look now. especially on G4, and the entire internet is alive with the buzz from GWAR and their blood/urine spurting costumes."
08/04/09 - 02:31 PM

"please come back here !"
09/29/09 - 05:42 PM

"dude, i haven't seen scott C in a long time, last time i saw him, he was next to me in line to get kojima to sign his mgs4, LOL"
08/20/11 - 02:23 AM

" Hyundai XG300 Steering Pump Damn, one of my minions is at Comic-Con, I'll have to tell him to stop by! Never heard of 3 Inches of Blood, but wow, I'm impressed, going to get their album right away. I'll be seeing you at next months event in SF though"
09/06/15 - 07:43 PM
James 33:

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10/29/15 - 10:16 AM
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