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2hb shows up in the strangest places!

Tim Schafer Tim

Thanks to Dan Heeren for sending us this great picture and letter! It's a nice reminder that our fans are the best, and that some of them are armed!
From: Dan Heeren
Subject: Thanks for Being Awesome

To anyone at Double Fine who ends up reading this... thanks for being awesome all the time.
I was deployed all of 2008 to the Iraqi Theater of Operations and when I had downtime and internet access, I read through all of the Double Fine comics and followed the development of Brütal Legend as best as I could.
After the unit who was going to replace us arrived and took over most of the duties, I had enough free time to play through Psychonauts again and remind myself just how great video games can still be. 
Attached is a boring picture of my laptop and M4 that's wouldn't be remarkable in any way except that it's in Kuwait and has the Knight and 2HB set as the Wallpaper.
So yeah, to recap, you guys are awesome and I can't wait for Brütal Legend.

Later days,

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