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Enemies of Rubik, your Death is our Reward!

Tim Schafer Tim

Just in case you have a really bad antenna and this news page is the only website you receive at your house, I feel obligated to tell you all about our awesome soundtrack!

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Even though it was already leaked by Denmark, reported on by all the news pages, and circulated on Facebook and Twitter. But now you’ve heard about it HERE from the Rubik’s genius himself: ME.
I’m not actually a Rubik’s genius. Real Rubik’s geniuses can solve a cube with one hand in twelve seconds while blindfolded and asleep while also solving another cube inside of their stomach. It takes me three whole minutes and I’m just following instructions I learned from a book I got as a kid. This time it took me an extra fifteen seconds because I totally messed up near the end. I was so close to being done, I got all excited and was even starting to mouth the words, “You Got Served!” but then I slipped up and practically re-scrambled the dang cube. You can see the horror on my face. Luckily, I was able to recover, heroically, and take advantage of Emily’s slow, slow talking. Or did I? (I’m trying not to spoil the end of the video.)

Anyway, the soundtrack is awesome. We are really happy with how it worked out. This isn’t just a list of songs I thing are cool. This is a list of songs I think are cool AND Emily thinks are cool AND they compliment what’s happening in the game AND we were able to—after a long battle with an army of lawyers, managers, and feuding bandmates, and by spending lots of our publisher’s money—able to secure the rights to use them. A lot of my favorite songs are on here, and a lot of songs we found out about over the course of this project from our Special Metal Consultant, the awesome Allan from Aquarius Records. Thanks Allan!

In case you want to check out some of these songs and can’t wait for Rocktober 13th, I noticed someone already made a YouTube playlist out of our soundtrack. Awesome.


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