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OMG tonight! Scott C. and Graham in LA!! TONIGHT!

08/16/2008 - 05:13 PM
08/16/08 - 06:50 PM
Mr. Burger:

"It's my birthday! What a fine way to celebrate! Thank you, Double Fine, for tending to my emotional needs. Sometimes when I wonder what there is to live for, I remember that Brutal Legend hasn't come out yet, and thus I remain one of the most optimistic people I know. Unfortunately I live in Omaha, so this show is inaccessible. But it's good to know it's there. Like a ghost monster serial killer in my closet who promises not to jump out and kill me once I fall asleep, except on the opposite end of the holy-moly-i-cannot-sleep spectrum."
08/16/08 - 08:53 PM
Apple Pop:

"If I was close enough, I'd love to attend. Well, I still would love too, but alas, am too far."
08/17/08 - 02:06 AM

"This event has inspired me to get a job, so i can attend any future events!"
08/17/08 - 01:43 PM

"Hmm. I don't think I was inspired. I just kind of sat here."
08/17/08 - 09:17 PM

"no luck finding a job..."
08/17/08 - 09:22 PM

"I came, I saw, I loved it. Of course, I loved Scott Campbell's whimsical art pieces at bit more than the other artists, but it doesn't mean the other displays weren't cool. It was fun to see Graham Annable's (the "Grickle" comics) and Jon Klassen's (I recognized him for making "An Eye for Annai") creative works. The only person who was unknown to me is Israel Sanchez (he has an interesting style and apparently he works/worked for Nickelodeon). I wasn't able to stay longer than a hour since I had to go to work at 3am. For the hour I been there, it was definitely a great show. Oh! Before I forget, Mr Campbell did post scans of his art that is currently displayed there on his blog. So if you can't go, you can at least see Mr Campbell's section of the show. Check it out!"
08/18/08 - 08:49 AM

"I would love to go, only it's half-way around the world and 2 days ago! Time for a frown-face: :( I took Breakman's advice, though, and looked at Scott's blog: So awesome."
08/18/08 - 07:45 PM

"That looks COOL."
08/19/08 - 06:02 AM

"I wish I lived... there... and not Australia. Oh well. I'll just put an order in for some of his art on my birthday WOOOO (PS. I was just joking about wanting to live there)"
08/20/08 - 10:08 PM

"Another reason for me to wish I live there instead of here."
08/21/08 - 12:07 PM
Lord of the Weevils:

"Expect more traps and danger there! MOHAHAHAHA! Never sleep with your eyes closed!, me and my empire will soon strike! HAHHAHA!"
08/21/08 - 11:59 PM

"Fear not, good citizens! Kashiman is here, and the Weevil Lord's plot shall be foiled faster than you can say 'What's that floating in my oatmeal?'!"
09/02/08 - 11:30 AM

"MR. Annable and Mr. Campbell are top notch fellows. I had the pleasure of meeting them back in April during Portland's Stumptown Comic Fest. Graham seemed to draw his own version of a drawing I had on the first page of my notebook--minus the enormous chicken--and Scott drew a pair of classy critters discussing science over glasses of delectable vintage. Yes, impeccable characters whose artwork rivals many in their perfectly rendered balance of detail and simplicity."
09/07/08 - 10:29 AM

"I'm sorry Mr. Pfpigeon, but I dont see how anyone's work can even come close, let alone rival, Scott C's magnificent art. PS. I totally snagged la pipe d'imagination off the Nuleus site."
09/06/15 - 08:53 PM
James 33:

"Je viens du Wisata Pulau Tidung mais aussi je l'aime vraiment jouer à des jeux, en particulier dès lors que les jeux de guerre. Ma maison est un lieu touristique laquelle rend de plus en plus encombré de visiteurs tournée quand nous-mêmes joue aux jeux. Afin de ceux d'entre vous lequel veulent sur la savoir environ détails à votre disposition où nous vis, vous pouvez lire mien article intitulé Wisata Pulau Pari"
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