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Hi, I'm Tasha.

You may recognise me from my comic on Double Fine's website. Here are some things about myself: I've been reading & drawing comics for almost my whole life - creating my first comic character "super ladybug" when I was 5 years old. Some of my favourite comics & inspirations growing up were Jim's Journal, The Far Side, Life in Hell, The Muppets, and Calvin & Hobbs. I first got into animation through a high school summer program, then went on to study 2D traditional character animation at Cal Arts. I worked at Pixar Animation Studios for 9 years before coming to Double Fine in 2006, where I was the Lead Animator on Brütal Legend. Currently, I live with my boyfriend & 2 cats in San Francisco, California, where I enjoy playing video games, reading comics, eating, exploring, doing crossword puzzles, and napping.

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