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Episode 9:

Amnesia Fortnight 2012

All five Amnesia Fortnight project leads join Chris Remo for a discussion of our bonkers two-week public prototyping event, Amnesia Fortnight 2012. We talk about what it was like to have our work exposed from the very start, to have to come up with something playable so quickly, and to have 2 Player Productions cameras lurking around every corner. And it's all backed by original music from the AF2012 games!
Buy the Amnesia Fortnight special edition here!

Music: Paul O'Rourke (Hack 'n' Slash), Brian Correia (Black Lake), Chris Remo (Spacebase DF-9), Camden Stoddard (Autonomous), Brian Min (The White Birch).

DF Actioncast 9: AF 2012

Andy Wood, Brandon Dillon, Chris Remo, JP LeBreton, Lee Petty and Levi Ryken.

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