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Tim Schafer Tim
Okay, I said it was a WART. Not a METAPHOR. Geeze. Some people have been speculating that I my wart updates are actually codified messages about the Excellent Game Psychonauts, but instead of saying "The Excellent Game Psychonauts," I have been saying, "This dead wart on my pinkie." Don't you people realize that there are SEVERAL substantiative differences between the Excellent Game Psychonauts and a dead wart on my pinkie? I mean, I can't think of any right now on the spot like this--I'm not a doctor!-- but I'm sure there are some.Wait, hold on. Using a computer, and SCIENCE, I have managed to fake up the following chart:
Dead Wart on the Tip of my PinkieThe Excellent Game Psychonauts
DeadWill never die
Lives at the tip of my left pinkie fingerLives in the hearts of children, everywhere, young and old
Getting soggy under a band-aidNOT getting soggy under a band-aid
Hanging on by a shred of fleshHanging on by a shred of flesh
Massively multiplayerSingle-player only
At night, writes down instructions on a notepad by my bed, which I must follow in the morning.At night, parties.

fig. 1 - Very Different Entertainment Experiences

I'm so excited for my little pinkie pal. Soon, he'll peel off and go forth into the world! I wish he could stay on the tip of my pinkie forever, changing into all kinds of magical colors: White, blueish-yellow, brown, dark brown, black, white again!Some people have implied that I'm babying him by not just tearing him off with my teeth and spitting him out the car window. But I don't see any reason to rush it. Soon, little Buster, as I call him, will be gone forever, and I'll miss him.I've begun to make little outfits for him to wear. I made a little sailor suit, and a fireman costume, and a superman cape. And a nice sports blazer he can wear on job interviews or on really fancy dates. My little man.*sniff*

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