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Chris Remo Action News

Do you remember that time back in 2004 when the Game Developer’s Conference was in San Jose and I was walking down the street and stumbled into the well-known Marek Bronstring walking with a young fellow in a Full Throttle T-shirt? Oh, wait, you weren’t there? Well good thing I took a picture!

“There’s something I like about that young man,” I said, assuming it was just his awesome, limited edition T-Shirt.

Then we initiated a Volunteer Tester Army to help us get Psychonauts out the door, and guess who showed up? CHRIS REMO. I welcomed him to Double Fine in the traditional way of my people.

“I love this game,” he said, “But this last level should be harder, and the kid should scream more about his face!” I knew this guy had the magic touch, and so I briefly renamed the Double Fine Action news after him.


Alas, Chris Remo then burrowed back underground and dissapeared for six years, like a cicada. Sleeping, and chirping, and growing and podcasting. Until finally, driven by a mysterious, primal instinct, he dug his way back up to the surface again. Slowly, he made his way back into the offices of Double Fine—navigating by the stars or magnetic fields, scientists do not know exactly. But he returned.

And guess what? We finally hired him for real!

Chris Remo is now Double Fine’s official COMMUNITY MANAGER!!!

Hear that, unmanaged Double Fine community? You’re about to be managed into a whole new dimention of gaming satisfaction. Your problems? Managed. Your fears? Managed. Your hopes, dreams, expectations, aspirations, rants, questions, Screamwagon videos, slash fiction, bloody Christmastree ornaments, WWI Haiku, Halloween Costume Polaroids, and erotic nesting doll art?

        M A N A G E D !


I have to tell you, it was extremely fun to hire Chris after all these years.

But then we decided to make him the fall guy for some videos that leaked out. Sorry, Chris! Rules of seniority and all that.


So long, Chris Remo. Good luck underground! See you in six years!

04/24/2012 - 08:50 PM
04/26/12 - 12:28 AM

"Alas, Chris. You should have known that Community Manager is just a euphemism for Scapegoat. Also, you know the old saying: "87,000 backers can keep a secret if 86,999 are fired"."
04/30/12 - 03:54 PM
Tim Schafer:

"testing testing!"
04/30/12 - 03:54 PM
Tim Schafer:

"Hey, whoa, you can leave comments!"
05/03/12 - 02:10 AM

"What a tiny man. I like your style Mr. Schafer. Slowly downsize them until they have no choice but to make you their Dwarfen king."
05/07/12 - 10:37 AM

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05/14/12 - 01:44 PM

05/15/12 - 11:05 AM

"Nice teeth, Chris."
05/15/12 - 06:36 PM

"The comments section slides down, all jQuery like. Neat!"
06/01/12 - 07:32 PM

"Who's that third guy in the picture--on the left? He looks cool!"
06/05/12 - 04:26 PM

"Lol :D"
06/28/12 - 09:44 AM

"Hey congrats to Chris Remo :)"
06/28/12 - 01:42 PM

"totally loving Chris Remo! His community managing rocks my world. :) Thank you Chris Remo! Hip Hip Hooray!"
06/28/12 - 03:22 PM

"So Chris Remo escaped and is now hiding out at Double Fine? Interesting..."
08/15/12 - 03:34 AM

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