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Goodbye CAMILLA! :(

Tim Schafer Tim

An image from the Double Fine archive.

Well, even though we all knew it had to happen someday, it’s hard to face the truth now that it’s actually here. But the time has come to admit one, simple, painful fact: Running Double Fine Productions and Norway at the same time has become too big a task for one person. Even when that person is me. The job simply must be split in two. I will be remaining here to handle the video game side of things, while the ruling of Norway will be delegated to one of our top associates.

Camilla Fossen has been chosen to represent our company’s (and our nation’s) interests in Scandinavia, due to her fine collection of cozy sweaters. Congratulations, Camilla on your promotion from

Associate Producer
Queen of Norway.

We will all miss you here very much, Camilla. You joined Double Fine when we were just starting out, and helped us look a lot more together than we actually were. So much so, that we actually believed it ourselves sometimes.

Let’s hope you can do the same for Norway.

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