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Help us make Psychonauts 2!

James Spafford Spaff

An image from the Double Fine archive.

Yes you read that right. We’re very excited to announce that we will be making Psychonauts 2, but we need your help to do it!

We’ve launched a new crowdfunding campaign on where we hope to raise $3.3m to put towards making the game! In addition to this, Double Fine will be putting up a significant portion of the development funds ourselves, and getting another piece of the budget from an external partner. None of these three parts on their own is enough, but together they add up to a sequel worthy of Psychonauts!

We’ve put together a collection of crowdfunding rewards we think Psychonauts fans will be really excited about! In addition to that we’re also excited to be the first crowdfunding campaign in history that is also able to allow investment from both accredited and unaccredited investors. That means you can choose rewards, or you can invest for a return of the profits.

We’ve often talked about making this game, but we’ve never been able to raise the budget we need to make it happen. Now with your help, we can finally get there! so please back Psychonauts 2 and help us make the game we’ve always wanted to make!

Check out all the rewards and information over here:

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