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Keeping Calm In Pandemic Times

Harper Jay Harper

A visit to Jared's pizza-themed island reveals a dark and cheesy world.

Working at Double Fine, as is the case for many places during our current Pandemic Times, has meant a shift to remote life. On my own end, I haven't even met any of my coworkers. On their end, they moved out of our offices and into an assortment of apartments, homes, and presumably a few disaster bunkers. So, how do we all unwind and have cool meet ups?

Well, for some folks that's meant Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Tim has an island, I have an island, so many people have islands. One island is only spoken of in hushed rumors. It is a dark and strange place that some coworkers have literally told me "hey, do not visit that island." That cursed land is the home of senior artist Jared Mills. So like any adventurous fool, I ventured from my safe island haunt to see what the fuss was about.

Nothing could prepare me for what I found...

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