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Tim Schafer Tim

Hey, what's Malena doing over there? I could have sworn I fired her!

There! You see? The European version of Psychonauts is DONE and we are HOLDING IT IN OUR MORTAL HANDS. This should be all the proof you need. If we weren’t actually done with the European version then we would not be able to take these pictures. Unless I had Photoshop. Or, some other, random CDs.

True, some of these people in the photos are mannequins. But most of them are real. There’s Malena on the left, who had to coordinate this whole thing. And then there’s Caroline, Jan, and Christophe, from the localization company Babel Media. Then there is some sort of super-attractive male model in an orange shirt who must have stumbled into the photograph by accident. Then there’s our very own Lance, and Sébastien from Babel, and then our home-grown testers Bert and Steven (Hello! Steven! Camera’s over this way! Yoo-hoo!) and finally, the formerly-English Dave Dixon, with an entire hard drive full of Psychonauts in his hands. Man, that must be heavy. Haha! Oh wait, I thought that was going to be funny when I typed it. Dang.

Not pictured here are Perry and Minh, the testers who had to go home early because we made them cry. And Wilson. Where the hell is Wilson? And Nathan, Raz, and Scott, who had to repaint all of those textures with the words in them. Also not pictured: Tom Cruise, Benjamin Franklin, Cher, and Moses.

Anyway, thanks to all the people at Babel for doing such a great job translating, recording, editing, and testing our game! Everybody else in Europe, please begin uninstalling your pirated copies now.

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