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Middle Manager of Justice content update and soundtrack available!

2 headed baby
Kee Chi Kee

We know what you’re thinking. “Middle Manager of Justice is an amazing superhero sim, but it feels like something is missing… Wait, I know!!! Geology! Curse the creators of Middle Manager of Justice for not supporting my favorite pastime: looking at and combining rocks. 1 STAR!!!!”

Whoa. Hey. Listen.

Version 1.2.0 of Middle Manager of Justice is live! And it has what you’re looking for. Meteorites are now littered throughout the city and you can equip them, collect them, and combine them for powerful combat effects! Focusium, Firite, and Splashium are definitely legit scientific elements. Like, from a table and everything.

And you’ll need that 100% real science to take on the new Most Wanted Thugs. These are high-powered criminals, many equipped with high-powered mustaches, who will show up at various times to terrorize your city’s hardworking rock enthusiasts and also the other people.

That is some fearsome facial hair. Good thing Justice Corp has been staffing up.

More great news! The Middle Manager of Justice Soundtrack is out on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and just about anywhere else you can get music in electronic form! Listening to this while working out is totally going to up your Power or MaxHP.

Go grab that update! Download the soundtrack! For justice!

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