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Tim Schafer Tim

Not sure why he hates you, but Scott won’t put up DFAC #28. He’s all, “Waaa waaaa, waaaaAA! Deadline today! I’m busy!”

And while, yes, technically, it is true that we have a big milestone due this Friday, I think Scott is being a big baby. Just like this:

Ha ha! Scott is a baby!

Except this picture has me as the baby, and Scott as the grown-up with all the creepy rings on. So just imagine that it’s like this picture, but reversed!

Ho ho! the baby now is Scott!

Ha ha! Now you see it is SCOTT who is a baby, and I am the one with the creepy—
no… wait.

Hold on…

Okay, seriously. Scott is the one on the left. The baby. Not me.

Ha ha for real this time! NOW it is clear that it is SCOTT who is the newborn baby who can not put up his comic, and I, TIM, am the mature one who does not suck his thumb!!! I hope that is clear now.

Anyway, the point is, if you want the new comic, mail Scott and nag him to do it.

And tell him to stop being a baby, and don’t mention me. And ask him why he wears those creepy rings.

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