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Snapshots caption contest winners revealed!

Chris Remo Chris Remo

The judges have spoken. The five finest Snapshots captions have been chosen. Tim and Snapshots creator Mark Hamer pored over the many entries and chose these worthy recipients to receive signed hardbound copies of the book:

Snapshot 1:
“Day 84 in the dogsuit. Gerald is still not on to me.”

Snapshot 2:
“Dave would always stop to appreciate a redwood.”
-Kel Winser

Snapshot 3:
“A night to remember starts with the perfect dress.”
-Annika Metze

Snapshot 4:
“Joseph was a french-fry guy.”
-Michael King

Snapshot 5:
“The old man and the sea, the early years.”
-Andrew Goulding

Congratulations to the lucky very talented winners! We’ll be getting in contact to send out your priceless rewards. If you weren’t among the five, worry not–Snapshots is available to you as well, in exchange for money!

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