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A long, long time ago, the world wide web enjoyed a sharing bonanza. A true celebration of sharing, enabled by a simple tool: RSS feeds. Literally, simple. Really Simple Syndication. The world went RSS mad! Everyone had RSS feeds. We had RSS parties! There were RSS feeds for news, blogs, movies, pilchards, bananas, acorns - you name it - it had an RSS feed. And then, something happened. No, not a popular RSS client, beloved the world over by millions of users being shut down by its careless overlords. Just, something. We don't know what.

Well, we're here to bask in the fading glow of those halcyon days of RSS by publishing - yes, RSS feeds! To be honest, we've no idea how anyone even uses them these days, but we're absolutely certain that some people still do. So, after that really long and rambling introduction - here are our two RSS feeds. Enjoy!

  • News - All our latest news in RSS form.
  • Actioncast - Archived feed of our Actioncast podcast of days gone by. Here mainly as a reminder for it to return.

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