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Game Informer previews Broken Age!

Hey, have you heard about Broken Age? That’s the totally amazing new name for the adventure game we Kickstarted. If you’re a backer, you know all this already. If you aren’t a backer, what are you waiting for?

Either way, Game Informer has put live its enormous Broken Age preview, featuring a ton of information about the game as well as the process of funding and developing it.

If that’s not enough for you (or if you prefer fewer spoilers), the full list of Broken Age backer content contains a truly preposterous volume of documentary footage, project updates, and development materials, while keeping story and character spoilers to the bare minimum. Dig in—the water’s fine. Wait, that didn’t make any sense.

Or did it?


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Brütal Legend items extend conquest of Team Fortress 2

If you were wise enough to preorder Brütal Legend on Steam, you gained access to two Team Fortress 2 items of immense righteousness: the Brutal Bouffant headpiece and the Shred Alert taunt. And if you inexplicably did not get in on that amazing deal, you were left out in the cold, shivering and alone in the shadow of profound uncoolness.

NO LONGER. Both of these extraordinary items are now available for purchase in TF2’s in-game item store. You can also buy them on the web through these handy add-to-cart links: Brutal Bouffant, Shred Alert.

Need more convincing? Check out this gallery of in-game taunt shots, or this overwhelmingly intimidating group video.

Of course, as confirmed by the shockingly complete TF2 wiki, the preorder versions of these items are Genuine quality—so those of you who got in early can still rightfully claim superiority. Such is the way of the world. And of video games.

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Middle Manager of Justice content update and soundtrack available!

We know what you’re thinking.  “Middle Manager of Justice is an amazing superhero sim, but it feels like something is missing…  Wait, I know!!!  Geology!  Curse the creators of Middle Manager of Justice for not supporting my favorite pastime: looking at and combining rocks. 1 STAR!!!!” 

Whoa. Hey. Listen.

Version 1.2.0 of Middle Manager of Justice is live!  And it has what you’re looking for.  Meteorites are now littered throughout the city and you can equip them, collect them, and combine them for powerful combat effects!  Focusium, Firite, and Splashium are definitely legit scientific elements. Like, from a table and everything.

And you’ll need that 100% real science to take on the new Most Wanted Thugs.  These are high-powered criminals, many equipped with high-powered mustaches, who will show up at various times to terrorize your city’s hardworking rock enthusiasts and also the other people.

That is some fearsome facial hair.  Good thing Justice Corp has been staffing up.

More great news!  The Middle Manager of Justice Soundtrack is out on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and just about anywhere else you can get music in electronic form!  Listening to this while working out is totally going to up your Power or MaxHP.

Go grab that update! Download the soundtrack! For justice!

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New free game that’s free! And Tim hosting awards!

Important news! We have released a new free game that’s free (FGTF)! That’s a new term I made up that you can use instead of “free-to-play” since I guess that means something else now. But this game is super-free!

It’s called Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity, the sequel to the original Host Master you probably played a billion years ago.

This new FGTF was created in its entirety by Benedikt Hummel and Marius Fietzek, two strange and talented game developers. If you’re a backer, you may remember Marius from his contributions to the newly-named Broken Age, during whose development he has been charming us with his amusing German accent.

So why would we ask Benedikt and Marius to create such an excellent new FGTF? Well, Tim is hosting the Game Developers Choice Awards again this year! You can watch them live on Wednesday, March 27, and you probably should, because there will be a tantalizing bit of Double Fine-related shenanigans at the end.

But until then, just play more Host Master Deux! You love it.

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Double Fine & Capy Team Up for PAX, Game Bundle, & Other Hijinks

The fine folks at Capy Games are some of our best industry buds. So we decided to team up for PAX East! By our powers combined, we do fun stuff at video game conventions.

Sign up for the DF/Capy/IGN fan meetup if you’ll be in the Boston area during PAX!

San Francisco, CA & Toronto, Ontario—March 14, 2013—Double Fine Productions and Capy Games announced that they will be joining forces to take PAX East 2013 by storm. The two independent video game developers will be sharing a booth for the duration of the expo, which runs from March 22 to 24 in Boston.

The shared booth will be staffed by members of both teams, including Double Fine founder Tim Schafer and Capy co-founders Nathan Vella and Kris Piotrowski. Games from both studios will be playable at demo stations, including Capy’s highly anticipated XBLA platformer Super TIME Force and Double Fine’s recently-announced Leap Motion-compatible game Dropchord.

“We’re really excited to join up with Capy for PAX East,” Schafer commented. “I’ve been learning how to pick locks recently and I think I’ll be able to crack their booth merch cash box. Wait, why are you writing this down?”

“Capy is honored to be sharing a booth with Double Fine,” Nathan and Kris added in perfect unison, weirdly. “We’ll have twice as much booth space as usual, because we’re planning on calling dibs on DF’s half when they go to the bathroom. That’s how it works, right?”

Gamers will also be able to save big on titles from Double Fine and Capy, as a seven-game bundle will be available on Steam from March 21 to March 29. It will contain Double Fine’s Brütal Legend, Psychonauts, Costume Quest, and Stacking, as well as Capy’s Critter Crunch, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (which was developed in collaboration with Superbrothers & Jim Guthrie), all for a heavily discounted $34.99 (60% off).

As if that weren’t enough, PAX East attendees will be able to purchase an extremely-limited edition DF/Capy Bundle box, containing a Steam download code for all seven games. The team-up will also be commemorated by a special convention-exclusive shirt emblazoned with a rightous mashup of the two studios’ logos and an art print featuring characters from their games.

Convention attendees and Boston-area fans will also be able to join Double Fine and Capy, as well as staff of major gaming website IGN, for an informal-meetup held during PAX East. The event will be open to the public from 5pm to 8pm on Saturday, March 23 at Lucky’s Lounge, located at 355 Congress St. in Boston.

Double Fine Productions is a San Francisco-based game developer that makes games with a focus on creativity, characters, and fun. Since its founding in 2000, it has produced the award-winning titles Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, Costume Quest, Stacking, Iron Brigade, The Cave, Middle Manager of Justice, Kinect Party, and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster.

Toronto-based independent game developer Capy (short for Capybara Games) is best known for multiple award-winning titles such as Critter Crunch, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes and their collaboration on Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Capy was named one of Edge Magazine’s Top 50 Developers of 2013, and Gamasutra’s Top 30 Developers of 2012. This pleases us greatly.

Double Fine:
PAX East:
Super TIME Force:
Leap Motion:

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"Two questions: 1) Will Double Fine have other merch available (Cave Action Figures, other t-shirts) available at PAX? 2) Will the boxed game collection have individual steam codes for each game or one code that unlocks all games? I own almost all of the Double Fine and Capy games in the bundle so it would be great to give away the ones I already own to friends."
03/14/13 - 07:54 PM
"Grr.. Why did PAX East have to sell out so early?! I want that limited edition DF/Capy box! That's it- I'm going to catapult myself in past the guards. There's nothing in the rules about that."
03/14/13 - 03:14 PM
"Why, is that the Double Fine Adventure leads on the poster? I believe it's them!"
03/14/13 - 12:15 PM
"Is it possible to get a wallpaper-sized version of the box art and/or the poster? I'm in love with the design of both!"

Prepare for Dropchord!

We just can’t stop announcing new games! We love to announce them! So here’s another game announcement. When we first tried the Leap Motion Controller, it blew our minds. After we painstaking reassembled our minds (it was a messy day), we started making a game for it. It’s called Dropchord, and it’s made by some DFers who worked on Kinect Party. Here’s the press release:


San Francisco, CA - March 7, 2013 - Double Fine Productions today announced Dropchord, a new music-driven score challenge game developed for the revolutionary Leap Motion Controller as well as iOS devices.

Dropchord features fast-paced and addictive gameplay with a focus on music and visual effects. It is being developed by key members of the team behind Double Fine’s acclaimed Xbox 360 Kinect title Kinect Party.


“Two questions,” added Dracogen founder Steven Dengler. “What is a Leap and when do I get mine?”

“The Leap Motion Controller is the world’s most accurate 3-D motion control device. It allows people to play Dropchord on their computer entirely by moving their hands and fingers in the air,” explained Andy Miller, President and COO of Leap Motion. “We’re going to start shipping in May.”

“That means,” said Steve, as wonder filled his heart, “that I might never need to wash my hands again!”

Dropchord will ship later this year for Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. It will first be available in Airspace, Leap Motion’s application store.

Catch a sneak peak of Dropchord at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas this Saturday, March 9 - Monday, March 11 at the Leap Motion Experience. A playable demo will also be shown in Double Fine’s booth at PAX East in Boston later this month.

- Dropchord official site
- Leap Motion
- Dracogen

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Brütal Legend now rocking your face on PC


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — February 13, 2013 — Double Fine Productions is compelled by the dark gods of Metal to announce that the epic rock-adventure Brütal Legend is being unleashed upon the PC. The game can currently be preordered for $14.99 on Steam—a 25% discount off the release-day price.

So powerful is the game’s raw lifeforce that even its creators cannot contain it any longer. Owners will receive immediate access to the Brütal Legend PC multiplayer beta, which is now live and already blowing souls. All preorder customers will also be granted two exclusive Team Fortress 2 items, Eddie Riggs’ hair and his guitar Clementine, all the better to spread the word of Metal throughout the virtual land.

“Adding a PC release to Brütal Legend’s list of conquests risks raising the world’s ambient Metal saturation to dangerously high levels,” said Double Fine President Tim Schafer, “which is why we’re conducting this closed beta test for preorders.”

“By purchasing this game, you are waiving your legal rights to recourse if the fire beast Ormagöden bathes the world in flame and ushers in the Age of Metal,” commented our lawyer.

“Shh,” added Mr. Schafer.

Also available on Steam is the Brütal Legend original musical score composed by Peter McConnell, which can be bundled with the game for $4.99 or purchased separately for $7.99.

And hot on the heels of the PC release is the long-awaited Art of Brütal Legend book from our friends at UDON Entertainment, including more than 600 lavishly reproduced pieces of concept art from the development process, featuring a foreward by Tim Schafer and an introduction by artist Scott Campbell. The Art of Brütal Legend can be preordered at the Double Fine Action Shop, along with other high-quality merchandise such as multiple brand-new collectible art prints and a limited-edition Eddie Riggs statue:

More information on Brütal Legend is available at:


Currently Brütal PC is in beta, which means we have more improvements planned before the full launch. Here’s a rundown.

The current version has the following:
• Much higher quality anti-aliasing (FXAA and SSAA). Users will be able to select these through the UI in a soon to come update.
• Support for resolutions > 720p (whatever your monitor/GPU will support).
• SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion) which makes for better contact shadows and more solid looking objects.
• Major improvements to latency/lag in multiplayer, especially in large games or games where some players have very bad pings.

Updates over the next week or so will add:
• Uncapped (i.e. as fast as your GPU can handle) framerate.
• Support for high-fidelity (i.e. 60Hz) simulation in single player.
• Higher quality shadows.
• Increased draw distance (which users can tune to be larger or smaller if need be).

02/13/2013 - 10:52 AM
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02/21/13 - 02:31 PM
"So it doesn't include any of the DLC from the console versions??"
02/20/13 - 01:56 AM
"Wow, fully expected more comments. So far, the multiplayer RTS stuff is pretty damn fun. I don't get all the hate for it, this is a game made for die hard metal fans. SO much fun. Thank you for bringing this to PC, DF. I really, REALLY hope it does well enough to maybe deserve a sequel some day."
02/17/13 - 01:40 PM
"Uaaahghaahaah you made me cry, you guys, but these are tears of immense happiness. Thank you all so much! [Preordered before I could even consciously make a decision]"

Middle Manager of Justice content update and mugs available now!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, the Middle Manager of Justice team got to thinking.

“Hey, you know what we think of when we hear Valentine’s Day?” we asked ourselves. “Love… Love of middle management and filing paper work, because tax forms come out around now. Oh, and also alien invasions.” 

And then we all looked up and caught each other in an uncomfortable gaze that was a couple of seconds too long, and declared, “HEY!  In addition to the Alien Invasion storyline for the last two areas in Middle Manager of Justice, let’s add a mission that will allow all of our Middle Managers to save VALENTINE’S DAY, and thus…LOVE.”

Thus it was decided. We have now released the 1.1.0 update to Middle Manager of Justice, filled to the brim with new content, fixes, and other enhancements.  We’ve also added a brand new hero, THE COSMIC CROWBAR, brainchild of Steve Dengler, our irreplaceable friend and supporter!


The update is free, of course. Just update the game through iTunes. Check out the official forum for a full list of features and fixes.

But that’s not all! We’ve also launched a brand-new piece of Middle Manager of Justice merchandise: the Justice Corp. Official Mug! Emblazoned with the pride-inspiring Justice Corp. logo, it’s the perfect way to signal to your co-workers that only one of you can be the real World’s Greatest Middle Manager of Justice, and it sure isn’t them.


Check it out in the Double Fine Action Shop.

Consider all this our candygram Valentine to you, our fans.  And as always, what says Valentine’s Day better than a Yak outside your office?


Download the game on iTunes for iPhone and iPad!


02/07/2013 - 05:04 PM
02/18/13 - 02:48 PM
"I was playing the iPhone version obsessively over the weekend, then just last night switched to the iPad version and was praising DoubleFine for implementing the iCloud! You're the best! BTW that last valentines day boss is really hard! I'm still struggling with him!"
02/16/13 - 08:55 AM
"Finally broke down and picked up an iPod just to play this game and I'm obsessed."
02/14/13 - 07:07 AM
"Other platforms release? Pleeeeeease ^____^"
02/08/13 - 12:46 PM
"I'm still waiting for it on android, and I can't get it on iOS because region lock :c"
02/07/13 - 10:30 PM
"I want this game on my Galaxy S3! I've tried to justify an iPad for it but the wife isn't picking up what I'm putting down."

Amnesia Fortnight 2012 is back on sale in the coolest possible way!

Ever since the Humble Amnesia Fortnight Bundle ended, we’ve wanted to make the whole thing available for purchase again, but we wanted to wait until we had the perfect way to do it. And we finally figured it out: It’s a two-disc Special Edition Box Set containing all five AF2012 prototypes, the whole 2 Player Productions documentary on Blu-ray, the AF2012 original soundtrack, and three bonus prototypes from past Amnesia Fortnights.

We even pestered an artist from each of the five teams to make a custom Collector’s Edition slipcase, which will be signed by the appropriate team lead. They did a bang up job, even under duress! (They’ll probably be fine.)

Does this sound good to you? Obviously yes, it does. So go check it out!

Note that we are currently only taking pre-orders on the boxed edition. However, you’ll get a download code immediately, so you don’t have to wait to start playing! And watching! And listening! Then, soon enough, you’ll receive a ridiculously attractive box in the mail and won’t that be swell?

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02/01/13 - 02:37 PM
"You might have already answered this question somewhere, and maybe this isn't even the right place to put this question, but do you plan on ever finishing the prototypes and make the final cut available? They might just be worth your time. Best regards."

The Double Fine Action Microblog exists

Have you been following the Double Fine Action Microblog? Perhaps you should! Wait, that was wrong. Definitely you should. Mandatorily you should, in fact. That seems like it might not be a sentence.

It’s a Tumblr, so you can follow it using that if you’re all up in the hippest echelons of the web. But there’s also a regular RSS feed for boring old lame-os like the rest of us.

We’ve got all kinds of fun stuff up on there: Concept art, cool stuff created by fans, and embarrassing overheard Double Fine employee conversations! All that and more! Check it out!

01/28/2013 - 05:41 PM
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