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We’re having a PAX party! And a panel! And you can help!

Our first two experiences setting up shop at PAX—PAX Prime 2012 and PAX East 2013—have been excellent, so let’s do it again! We’re going back to PAX Prime in Seattle in a couple weeks, and we hope to see you there! Here’s the rundown of what we’ll be up to.


We’ve got a great booth right next to our PAX East boothmates, Capy! A bunch of DFers will be hanging out there throughout the four-day expo, including Tim, Brad Muir, Nathan “Bagel” Stapley, Greg Rice, Chris Remo, Denise Gollaher, Justin Bailey, and Su Liu. Plus some great fan volunteers—see below if you’d like to help out.

Tim will be conducting the usual daily signing sessions, and in a new addition to our PAX lineup, Bagel will be doing live painting events! Stop by the booth during the show to check the posted times for both these recurring events. Of course we’ll also have a bevy of DF gear on sale, including some new items yet to be unveiled.


Join us Sunday at 3pm in the Kraken Theatre. Tim, Brad, Greg, and Chris will be discussing our experiences with open, fan-oriented development on games like Broken Age and MASSIVE CHALICE, sharing examples of how community interaction has influenced the teams and affected Double Fine as a studio. We’ll be taking questions and showing off materials from the projects, so don’t miss it.


Our last PAX Prime fan meetup on the upper floor of the Seattle Hard Rock Cafe went so well, we decided to book the same space and do it again! Join us Sunday from 6pm to 10pm at 116 Pike St. It’s a short five-block straight shot down Pike from the convention center. Many excellent memories will be generated!


During PAX East we took on a small staff of fan volunteers to make sure our booth ran smoothly. It worked so preposterously well that we’re doing it again—and several of the original crew is coming back to help us out again! They’re the best. But of course a few of them couldn’t make it for Prime, so we’re looking to staff back up. If you love Double Fine games, are friendly and outgoing, can commit to at least two half-day shifts over the course of the weekend, and would like to help us out, send us an email! Include any relevant experience and whether you already have a PAX pass, and mention any days or times you wouldn’t be able to help out.

Please note that this is an unpaid volunteer position, but we do have a limited number of additional full PAX passes! If you’ll be in the area and don’t have a pass (and meet the other criteria listed above), this could work out pretty well!

EDIT: We’ve got all the volunteers we need—thanks to those who got in touch!


We’re excited! This is going to be real fun times.

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Middle Manager of Justice now on Android

San Francisco, CA—August 14, 2013—Double Fine Productions today announced the release of its superhero management sim Middle Manager of Justice for Android devices.

Middle Manager of Justice lets the player take control of a branch of the crime-fighting organization Justice Corp. As the middle manager, you’ll hire superheroes, improve their stats and abilities, command them in battle, and make the city safe for its fine, upstanding citizens.

Financed as part of a multi-game deal with Dracogen, Inc., Middle Manager of Justice is now downloadable for free on Google Play, following its December release for iOS.

Featured in NVIDIA’s TegraZone, the game plays best on powerful Nvidia Tegra-powered devices. Players who download the game on Tegra devices will have access to exclusive costumes for Crimebot and @Man.

“We can add beautiful high resolution textures to Middle Manager of Justice and depend on fast performance on Tegra-powered devices!” exclaimed project lead Kee Chi.

“Look Kee, we all get how excited you are about Tegra-powered devices. Frankly, a little TOO excited. It’s creeping me out,” said Double Fine president and CEO Tim Schafer.

“It’s not creepy! It’s…the purest love of all,” replied Chi.

“He does really love beautiful high-resolution textures,” Dracogen founder Steven Dengler whispered loudly to Schafer. “But what can I say? After all, it makes the most of the development assets.”

“How are we all talking to each other, anyway? Where are we?” asked Schafer.

“YOU’VE ALL BEEN ENSNARED BY MY DEVIOUS PLOT,” observed Skullface, dastardly nemesis of the Middle Manager of Justice.

“Hold on, let me just load up my game. I’m pretty sure I’ve already beat this guy,” said Dengler, reaching for his phone and causing Skullface to disappear in a cool-looking CPU-intensive particle effect.

“I hope that phone was a Tegra-powered device!” interjected Chi.

“Ha ha ha!” everyone laughed.

“I still don’t really understand what’s going on,” Schafer said, but nobody noticed.

Middle Manager of Justice can be downloaded from Google Play.

The original soundtrack to Middle Manager of Justice, composed by Brian Min, can be purchased through Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and the Double Fine Bandcamp page.


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Dropchord out for iOS, Android, and OUYA! Podcast! Soundtrack! And more!

Our new music-themed score attack game Dropchord is now out for not just Leap Motion (Windows/Mac), but also iOS, Android, and OUYA! We even got an Editor’s Choice on the iOS App Store!

To celebrate, we rounded up the team for a juicy rap session in podcast form. Project lead Patrick Hackett is joined by team members Drew Skillman, Ben Burbank, and Panya Inversin to discuss how the game was made, why it’s on the platforms it’s on, and whether they wear boxers or briefs. Check it out!

The official soundtrack—contributed by incredible musicians including Brian Trifon, Brian White, Jon Shamieh, Austin Wintory, Sam Hulick, and Paul O’Rourke—is now also available on our brand spanking new Bandcamp page, which also includes all the other Double Fine soundtracks we sell. If you prefer buying your music through Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play, Dropchord is in all of those places as well.

Finally, we’ve been sharing fun images and video from the development of Dropchord over on the Double Fine Tumblr! Just check out posts tagged as “Dropchord” for some insight into how the game together, starting back when it was just a rough prototype from project lead Patrick Hackett, codenamed “Radius.” Here’s a taste—a video showing how the visual style of the game evolved over time:

08/05/2013 - 02:56 PM
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Dropchord now available for Leap! iOS/Android/OUYA coming soon!

San Francisco—July 22, 2013—Double Fine Productions today announced Dropchord, its new music-driven score challenge game, is now available for the innovative Leap Motion Controller on Windows and Mac. It will be released for the OUYA game console on July 31, and iOS and Android mobile devices on August 1.

Dropchord features fast-paced and addictive gameplay with a focus on music and visual effects and was developed by key members of the team behind Double Fine’s acclaimed Xbox 360 title Kinect Party. The game was financed in part by frequent Double Fine collaborator Dracogen, Inc.

“Truly, this is a cornucopia of devices and platforms. I actually didn’t even know they made this many ways to play video games!” admitted Double Fine president and CEO Tim Schafer.

“Well, I did,” said Dracogen founder Steven Dengler. “And I love them all.”

The Leap Motion Controller is the world’s most accurate 3D motion control device. It allows people to play Dropchord on their computer entirely by moving their hands and fingers in the air. OUYA is the first totally open video game console, allowing both developers and gamers a platform for creativity.

“That’s true, disembodied blog post narrator,” said Dengler. “I’m practicing playing the Leap version with my hands while I use each of my feet to manipulate the iOS and Android versions. Wait until you see how I’m managing the OUYA controller.”

“Gross,” replied Schafer.

Dropchord’s original soundtrack, contributed by a range of acclaimed musicians including Finishing Move (Brian Trifon/Brian White) and John Shamieh, along with special guests Austin Wintory (Journey, Kinect Party) and Sam Hulick (Mass Effect), is now available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

A single-track “Continuous Mix” of the soundtrack can also be streamed at Double Fine’s YouTube channel.

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Join us in creating MASSIVE CHALICE

Edit: We now accept PayPal! Head on over and back if you were waiting!

Today, we launched a new Kickstarter!

It’s not Broken Age, aka Double Fine Adventure—that game is still in full production and is turning out great. But Double Fine is a multi-game studio, and when Iron Brigade project lead Brad Muir had a great idea for a new project, we knew we had to make it happen.


MASSIVE CHALICE is a tactical strategy PC game on an epic fantasy timeline from the creators of Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Iron Brigade! Brad has put together a team that’s passionate about tactical strategy games, and we can’t wait to get cracking. Watch the video, read the Kickstarter pitch, and help us make MASSIVE CHALICE an amazing reality!

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Double Fine Not at All Humble About Humble Double Fine Bundle

EDIT: The Humble Double Fine Bundle now includes EIGHT Amnesia Fortnight prototypes, including all five Amnesia Fortnight 2012 prototypes as well as three bonus prototypes! Plus the amazing 2 Player Productions AF2012 documentary! Get over there!

SAN FRANCISCO - May 7, 2013 - Double Fine Productions exhibited a complete lack of humility in announcing the immediate availability of the Humble Double Fine Bundle, an incredible opportunity to receive four classic Double Fine games for—you aren’t going to believe it—the price of your own choosing.

Astonishingly, the Humble Double Fine Bundle includes Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, Costume Quest, and Stacking as completely DRM-free downloads for—get this—Windows, Mac, AND Linux. It’s the first time Brütal Legend, Costume Quest, and Stacking have ever been available for all three of those platforms. Incredible. Plus, we’re throwing in Steam codes for those who pay a dollar or more. Excellent.

“It’s true: We’re amazing,” commented Tim Schafer, president and CEO of Double Fine.

“We generally like to be a little more humble about these deals, guys. It’s kind of our brand,” said Humble Bundle co-founder John Graham, a total buzz-kill.

“I sometimes find it hard to fathom how great we are,” Schafer added.

You probably thought those flavor quotes meant that’s all there is to this bundle. Think again. Those who contribute $35 or more will gain Backer Access to Broken Age, Double Fine’s upcoming crowd-funded adventure game. Backers get a new episode of 2 Player Productions’ Double Fine Adventure documentary every month, as well as a wealth of development materials, ongoing updates, and private backer forums. Existing backers can gift their access to a friend because, let’s face it, we all need a break sometimes.

Okay, now we’re really done. Ha! Fat chance. Contributors at $70 or above will receive an exclusive commemorative t-shirt designed by Soundshapes and Polygon graphic designer Cory Schmitz. After all, we’re innovators.

And not just innovators, but philanthropists. Customers can choose to donate any amount of their purchases to Child’s Play Charity or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Charity, innovation, platform independence. These values are what we’re all about. It’s nothing, really. We’re doing the best we can, just like everyone else.

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Game Informer previews Broken Age!

Hey, have you heard about Broken Age? That’s the totally amazing new name for the adventure game we Kickstarted. If you’re a backer, you know all this already. If you aren’t a backer, what are you waiting for?

Either way, Game Informer has put live its enormous Broken Age preview, featuring a ton of information about the game as well as the process of funding and developing it.

If that’s not enough for you (or if you prefer fewer spoilers), the full list of Broken Age backer content contains a truly preposterous volume of documentary footage, project updates, and development materials, while keeping story and character spoilers to the bare minimum. Dig in—the water’s fine. Wait, that didn’t make any sense.

Or did it?


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Brütal Legend items extend conquest of Team Fortress 2

If you were wise enough to preorder Brütal Legend on Steam, you gained access to two Team Fortress 2 items of immense righteousness: the Brutal Bouffant headpiece and the Shred Alert taunt. And if you inexplicably did not get in on that amazing deal, you were left out in the cold, shivering and alone in the shadow of profound uncoolness.

NO LONGER. Both of these extraordinary items are now available for purchase in TF2’s in-game item store. You can also buy them on the web through these handy add-to-cart links: Brutal Bouffant, Shred Alert.

Need more convincing? Check out this gallery of in-game taunt shots, or this overwhelmingly intimidating group video.

Of course, as confirmed by the shockingly complete TF2 wiki, the preorder versions of these items are Genuine quality—so those of you who got in early can still rightfully claim superiority. Such is the way of the world. And of video games.

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Middle Manager of Justice content update and soundtrack available!

We know what you’re thinking.  “Middle Manager of Justice is an amazing superhero sim, but it feels like something is missing…  Wait, I know!!!  Geology!  Curse the creators of Middle Manager of Justice for not supporting my favorite pastime: looking at and combining rocks. 1 STAR!!!!” 

Whoa. Hey. Listen.

Version 1.2.0 of Middle Manager of Justice is live!  And it has what you’re looking for.  Meteorites are now littered throughout the city and you can equip them, collect them, and combine them for powerful combat effects!  Focusium, Firite, and Splashium are definitely legit scientific elements. Like, from a table and everything.

And you’ll need that 100% real science to take on the new Most Wanted Thugs.  These are high-powered criminals, many equipped with high-powered mustaches, who will show up at various times to terrorize your city’s hardworking rock enthusiasts and also the other people.

That is some fearsome facial hair.  Good thing Justice Corp has been staffing up.

More great news!  The Middle Manager of Justice Soundtrack is out on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and just about anywhere else you can get music in electronic form!  Listening to this while working out is totally going to up your Power or MaxHP.

Go grab that update! Download the soundtrack! For justice!

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New free game that’s free! And Tim hosting awards!

Important news! We have released a new free game that’s free (FGTF)! That’s a new term I made up that you can use instead of “free-to-play” since I guess that means something else now. But this game is super-free!

It’s called Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity, the sequel to the original Host Master you probably played a billion years ago.

This new FGTF was created in its entirety by Benedikt Hummel and Marius Fietzek, two strange and talented game developers. If you’re a backer, you may remember Marius from his contributions to the newly-named Broken Age, during whose development he has been charming us with his amusing German accent.

So why would we ask Benedikt and Marius to create such an excellent new FGTF? Well, Tim is hosting the Game Developers Choice Awards again this year! You can watch them live on Wednesday, March 27, and you probably should, because there will be a tantalizing bit of Double Fine-related shenanigans at the end.

But until then, just play more Host Master Deux! You love it.

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