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Friday, May 17, 2002 - 5:00 pm

I’m actually writing this news update on Saturday and pretending it’s Friday. The problem is, I can’t remember anything that happened yesterday. I don’t think anything did. Oh, wait! There was a big fire in the next alley over. Lots of smoke and fire trucks and—wait, no, that was Thursday. Yesterday I don’t think I did much. Possibly, I overslept.

05/17/2002 - 05:00 PM
09/07/15 - 12:55 AM
James 33:
"I result from Wisata Pulau Tidung along with I must say i like to engage in game titles, in particular when the games regarding struggle. My house is really a visitor area so that it is progressively more crowded with guests excursion while i play video games. For those of you who want to know more facts where We dwell you'll be able to examine my own content eligible Wisata Pulau Pari."

Friday, May 17, 2002 - 1:00 am

I’m not sure if this page is much better than the old one, but it’s slightly less bad, and a lot more orange. I would have paid some fancy place to make us a nice web page, but I forgot to budget any cash for it.

05/17/2002 - 01:00 AM
09/07/15 - 12:56 AM
James 33:
"My spouse and i are derived from Wisata Pulau Tidung and also I truly love to play game titles, in particular if the video game titles associated with battle. The house can be a vacationer position making it increasingly crowded having guests tour once i participate in video games. For those of you who wish to find out information where I are living you are able to understand my personal article eligible Pulau Pari."
04/10/08 - 10:42 PM
"I predict that Psychonauts will win a Game of the Year award from Eurogamer, and that Double Fine Productions will then work on some sort of Brutal Legend. Man I am awesome. I also predict that Jessica Alba will fall madly in love with me, and will read this a little over five years later and realise my psychic abilities rang true and it is her FATE to love me. Jessica: I reject you. Just so everyone knows: I had a chance with Jessica Alba and I rejected her. Man not even Calavera was awesome as I am."
12/12/07 - 12:27 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"Hey, razputin, Nice to meet you in the past."
08/23/07 - 02:22 PM
"This is long time ago :D . I was 12 at this year :D . Hm... I could actually use a magnum (icecream) right now... I think i'm going to take one. Oh.. I hope i wont' get too fat because i eat icecream :O ? Hey! i'm writing a comment in year 2002 right now..! Thats wired, because my calender says 2007... I wonder if the ice is too old then? Hmm..."
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