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Celebrate Rocktober with Tim! On the internet!

Let's keep this quick, because this is all you need to know:

Tim is going to be playing Brütal Legend on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network this Saturday, Rocktober 13, starting at 4pm Pacific (that's 23:00 GMT), and he wants to play with YOU. Yes, you specifically. He told me so. So keep an eye out for the username TimOfLegend; he'll be online for about two hours.

And practice up! You could earn some achievements! Perhaps even the greatest achievement of all: love this one.
10/11/2012 - 12:14 PM
10/11/12 - 02:31 PM

"No love for PS3 gamers?"
10/11/12 - 02:40 PM

"Lemme hear it for Eddie Riggs!"
10/11/12 - 03:24 PM
Tim Schafer:

"I was thinking of alternating one game on XBOX one on ps3. Oh, and then repeat!"
10/11/12 - 07:14 PM

"Ahhhhh! Can i swipe Tim for Tasha?"
10/11/12 - 09:38 PM

"I can't wait, I just hope that I'm not late to the party."
10/12/12 - 05:43 AM

"OMG I feel this game is getting a second chance, I love it but every time I play it, feels like there is something else!!, something that could be, so Metal and Legendary, and the multiplayer is Great!! but more modes more characters, Lionwhite as a playable character T.T, Gods of Metal Hear my plea, grant me this wish. PSN Id: LSDariuss I train people too if u r a noob and r tired of getting ur ass kicked by the pros ;)"
10/12/12 - 07:10 AM

"Sadly I sold my Xbox and PS3..."
10/12/12 - 12:55 PM
The Milkman:

"Hell yeah! I'm gonna be sure to celebrate by playing the most brütal game in history! Oh, and I think my life is complete now that BLWiki was linked from the Official Double Fine Website of Officiality."
10/12/12 - 06:11 PM

"oh man, I have a rockabilly party tomorrow :("
10/12/12 - 06:57 PM
Magil of the Shadows:

"Not sure if I'll be able to make it, but only because I should be getting my Drowned Ophelia tattoo around that time. Fits perfectly, doesn't it?"
10/12/12 - 10:27 PM
The Milkman:

"Hell yeah it does. I loved that moment in the game where I realised I was dead wrong-Ophelia CAN get even hotter."
10/13/12 - 06:04 AM

"First Fight of Rocktober !! I got my ass kicked but it was Brutaly Awesome!!"
10/13/12 - 08:31 PM

"Happy Rocktober, everyone! Took me a little bit to remember how to play this game, but once I got it I feel like I was better than I was before at multiplayer!"
10/21/12 - 02:41 PM

"Feels bad that I missed this ANOTHER YEAR ;_;"
10/28/12 - 01:29 PM

"I missed it. Why didn't I check the news feed. Besides, I had to finish up a memo. So sorry."
06/12/13 - 02:15 AM

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