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Looking Sassy, Bending Spoons

Apple Pop strikes again, this time at the Emerald City ComiCon.
RazPop even made it into the Seattle PI, which I assume stands for “Psychonauts Informer.”

04/06/2009 - 04:50 PM
04/06/09 - 06:39 PM

"I need to start making some kooky fan costumes to get recognition around here! Luckily for me, when Brütal Legend comes out, chances are I'll look close enough to at least a couple of the characters, haha."
04/06/09 - 09:21 PM

"I'm jealous"
04/06/09 - 11:24 PM
Apple Pop:

"I had no idea that my real hair was showing that much. Thank goodness it matches the hat for the most part. The awesome guy who sent you guys photos last time, I ran into him again and we kept seeing each other through the convention. Most epic run in was when I was sitting in line for watching the contest and suddenly I heard him yell "Hey nerds!" and I looked up and he snapped a photo of me, so that should be intresting if you come across it. Also, everyone, go read Strongman, which I was reading at that moment. It. Is. Awesome."
04/07/09 - 12:00 AM

""Razputin from the Psychonauts" Has a nice ring to it."
04/07/09 - 12:52 AM

"The laynard strikes again! If Apple Pop is Raz, I should be Chops! I've already got the hair."
04/07/09 - 04:06 AM
Hot Yams!:

"It's too bad the Seattle PI is internet based only now."
09/06/15 - 08:01 PM
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