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Winners write the history books, Germans make the posters

Okay, this is cool but it could have been really cool.

If I am reading this internet thing correctly, there is a person in Germany named, “Laserschwert.” (Apparently that is how you say “Lightsaber” in German, which makes me feel so dumb for calling mine a"Lichtwurst” all these years.) And he/she has scanned in his/her old LucasArts games and turned they/them into posters for you/me to print out and pin to the ceiling over our/their bed/s. (I’m going to start a new paragraph so I can stop splitting these/my pronouns.)

Finally, we can have that Monkey 2 poster that Lucas never made!!! Download them quick before some lawyer calls Laserschwert and threatens to open a can of “Schlagenhinter” on him/her. (Damn there I/you go again! New paragraph!)

Awesome, right? Except my dear friend Laserschwert went the extra mile and took the time to painstakingly paint out the designers’ names which appeared on the original boxes. Why? I don’t know! He hates us! Do you know how hard we had to fight to get our names on those boxes? Well, not Ron so much because everybody was afraid of Ron. He just put his name on the box and it was like when people in a crowded subway watch in silence as some scary kid tags the wall. Nobody says anything because they don’t want a marker shoved down their throat. But Dave and I had handcuff ourselves to Kelly Flock for a week before he finally gave in and put our names on the DOTT box.

Wait a second… is Laserschwert actually German for… Kelly Flock? Just when I thought he/she couldn’t hurt us/you any more! Ah, Scheiße!!


02/05/2009 - 02:51 PM
02/05/09 - 06:09 PM

"Yeah, the posters are great. Without those names, brilliant! Anyway, Tim, what means »Schlagenhinter«? I am german, so, what you said was something like »Puncher behind«… »Hit back«… or something…"
02/05/09 - 08:10 PM

"My vote is for whoopass!"
02/05/09 - 08:31 PM
Polite Society:

"The DOTT poster I printed off has your name on it, if it counts for anything, Tim. :) In fact it has it on there, *twice*. *whispers*It's the starwars style one, in case you're wondering."
02/05/09 - 09:54 PM
Apple Pop:

"This makes me happy, Tim."
02/06/09 - 04:59 AM

"Aaaaalright... looks like I have to get into this thing as well (this comment-section-thingy that is). First of all, I'm a guy, so no reason for the he/she/his/her crap. Actually I'm all for gender equality, but his makes me look like a hermaphrodite or something. Second of all, I once registered on a forum with the nick "Laserwurst", which wasn't the smartest idea, as the comments about that nick became so excessive that I felt the need to un-register from that forum again. (this might be an exaggeration, but time usually makes memories a lot more contrasty... I'm pretty sure it wasn't nice nonetheless) Regarding the posters: I'm constantly fighting not putting MY name on the posters, thus changing the history books (or at least that one "Rogue Leaders"-book recently released by Rob Smith) for all eternity. Or at least until some other smartass erases MY name off of the posters, and putting his/her name on there as well. Great, now I'm doing it too!! By the way, I think by "Schlagenhintern" you mean an (maybe appropriate) "ass whipping", which would be the German "der Arsch feiert Kirmes" ("the ass has a fun fair going on"... which isn't something obscene... really not!). That said, I'm not Kelly Flock... that would be REALLY Scheiße."
02/06/09 - 10:17 AM

"Ah, da fällt mir ein, dass ich die Bilder schon seit ner Ewigkeit aufm PC hab. Sobald ich wieder Geld hab, kommen die mal zum Druck! Or how Google would translate it: "Ah, because I find that the images that I have ever since its on the PC did. Once I have money again, the pressure at times !"^^'"
02/06/09 - 01:28 PM
A Schafer created character name:

"If Darth Vader relinquished one of these Lucas Arts properties to you, which one would you pick? Monkey Island Day of the Tentacle Full Throttle Grim Fandango"
02/06/09 - 02:59 PM

"Hey Tim. If you were scared of Ron, is it because of the time when you had to go into his dark stinky office to talk to him about Monkey Island 2? (First story)"
02/08/09 - 02:24 AM
Garbled Zombie:

"Schafer, the people of LucasForums give thanks for your attention and bow before your magnificence and solar splendour. We have a sweet fan community for Psychonauts over at LucasForums called [url=]Razputin's Domain, but it fell into atrophy and decay and is now a marketplace of villainy and scum.[/url] Obviously, Ron Gilbert must have had a hand in it. We would think it a supreme honour if someone as obviously prestigious and cuddly as you were to drop in and say a hello or two. Alternately, we'd have to kidnap you. :("
02/09/09 - 02:11 AM

"Hey i wish Tim Schafer would get involved with scummvm becuse i cant even play grim fandango on my computer and i wish monkey island would play properly to so Tim would you help out so we can play the amazing games that you made, you would make all of us happy. only if?"
02/09/09 - 05:13 PM

"Monkey Island 1, 2 (and 3) work perfectly in ScummVM. Grim Fandango is indeed another matter, but it will work one day! (Have you tried putting it in Software mode?)"
09/06/15 - 08:15 PM
James 33:

"Io vengo da Wisata Pulau Tidung e mi piace giocare, in specie una volta che i giochi di guerra. La mia casa è un luogo turistico che la rende sempre più affollato con i visitatori giro quando gioco giochi. Con lo scopo di quelli di voi che vogliono conoscere più particolari in cui vivo si può leggere il mio articolo intitolato Pulau Pari"
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