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We stole the Millenium Falcon(tm)!!!

Tim Schafer Tim

One of our secret agents went to LucasArts today (proof!) and while he was there, he snuck over to ILM and stole this model of the Millennium Falcon that they used in the first Star Wars movie! OMG!
Can you believe it?!?

Okay, Okay, I’d better come clean, lest we have some sort of awesome, Orson-Welles-War-of-the-Worlds-type hoax on our hands here.

That’s not a real model of the Millennium Falcon. That is a Lego version, and nobody stole it. You can buy them in stores. But the animators did put it together all by themselves. See how proud they are?

This is just one of the many things that real animators can do that motion capture can’t. If you visit other game studios, the kind that use mo-cap, you’ll notice the Legos just sit in unassembled piles on the floor.

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