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Important Brütal Legend update!

Tim Schafer Tim

I bought Tasha’s famous Litter Robot.

UPDATE - My review after three days of use: So imagine a rock tumbler, with an ingenious method for sifting cat litter, with the brains and charm of R2D2. Now imagine it covered in cat pee. Soaked in cat pee and wet cat litter. Imagine rivers of cat pee flowing into all of the machine’s little nooks and crannies, places you can’t get to, so it just sits in there—rotting and stinking like an outhouse on a hot beach. Oh, Tasha. I will get even with you some day for this disgusting, disgusting thing.

UPDATE - Spelling fix! (Apparently, I can’t spell “Ingenious” or “crannies.” Which is really sad because “Ingenious Crannies” was the name of my roommate’s band in college.)

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