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Hello there! I'm Gabe Cinquepalmi. I make games at Double Fine with my fellow Double Finers, contributing to design, production and writing. I also directed Costume Quest 2. As you may have guessed, comics are also one of my passions...

As a kid, I used to draw mini comics to make my friends laugh, and thought that maybe one day I'd make it to the funny pages in the newspaper. Then video games took over my life and I forgot all about that dream, burying it deep in my subconscious, where it lay, malnourished, for decades... but, like a facehugger's embryo, if you have a passion inside of you, it will eventually burst out of your chest.

In 2009, after a recent classic zombie film binge and subsequent sketch jam, I had a screwy idea for a comic and wanted to see where it might go. I saw that with Double Fine Action Comics world wide web technology, a comic could still hug a bunch of faces without having to use an old-timey printing press. I pitched some samples to Tim, and he seemed cautiously optimistic! So, there it is.

Dirt Nap is a story of two strangers coming to terms with zombiehood, and dealing with their past in order to forge a new future. Themes include friendship, family, giblets, love, loss, espionage, regret, ambition, singlets, sniping, power, intestines, politics, and psychopathy. If none of that makes you squeamish, or better yet, if that's your thing, maybe stop by from time to time to give it a look-see. No pressure.

Find me at @5PalmTechnique if you feel compelled.

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